Important things for getting the vaginal orgasm.

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Best dildo sex toy we can get maximum vaginal orgasm chances?

Best dildo sex toy we can get maximum vaginal orgasm chances?

As you all know that dildo sex toys are comes in large verity range so that choosing one for perfect and maximum orgasm is difficult. So let’s check which can be the best for you.

A perfect size satisfies

If you want orgasm with the help of dildo sex toy than a perfect size requires. It is a big reason that women love the dildo is because that they can be used as an alternative of real man penis. So the size matters if you want real satisfaction according to your imagination dildo sex toy. Using dildo sex toy is much better experience than using the fingers, because they can’t match with your imagination dildo sex toy it just a way to Improvisation.

A soft exterior

Women need a soft but hard dildo sex toy. Like it has to soft and flexible from the upper side so women can adjust according to the comfort level but it has to be hard and ‘erect’. Women touched the upper part firstly so it just has to be soft and smooth like real man penis.

Realistic penis like features

Women can just turn-on in few time limits if they viewed an erect and realistic penis like features. 79% of surveyed women agreed that a dildo that visually looked like the real thing turned them on more than a more generic or vibrant coloured dildo sex toy. While a generic colour dildo felt like a novelty than anything, a realistic looking dildo was more likely to keep women in the mood for sexual pleasure.

Suction cup

Suction cup dildo sex toy is awesome, nowadays women likes the suction cup dildo sex toy because they provide best stimulation like real and with the help of these type of dildo sex toy women can gets maximum orgasm pleasure in few minutes. The best thing is women can attach these dildo sex toys from the wall, and then use it for the sucking method, that can provide the more pleasure. Next amazing thing is you can use it for try different type of sex position. Women can try chair position, doggy style sex position, wall position and missionary sex positions also. Women can get more realistic feeling they can use the condom with dildo sex toy. Using condom with dildo sex toy is also preventing the risk of infections.

The right spot?

The right spot?

Having vaginal orgasm is slightly different from every woman. Some women can have orgasm from general stimulation throughout their vagina from their man’s penis. They don’t need their man to hit a particular spot. If you are a man than trying to make your partner orgasm, make sure to ask her and take it more advice about making her more orgasm. Some other needs intense stimulation on their g-spot on the anterior wall, if they want a vaginal orgasm. Whether some women needs intense stimulation on their A spot (this spot also has other name such as deep spot, the anterior fornix erogenous zone or the AFE.) this spot is like the g-spot but it is slight deeper. So these are some right spots to hit these particular spot women can get the orgasm in some time these are like erogenous zones they react from your touch.

Vaginal orgasm techniques?

Vaginal orgasm techniques?

Angle/positions:- Get orgasm you need to think about the most satisfying angle or sex position of penetration, whether you are using dildo sex toy or having sex. Is your dildo pointing upwards, downwards or slightly in the side of your vagina? Is it parallel? Once you figure this out, you can adjust your dildo sex toy on right direction. The g-spot is between two and their inches deep in your vagina.

Fast or slow:- It is a myth that fast speed always better. You probably already know how untrue this is. A more accurate description is slow and rhythmic penetration is best. Finding a fast and slow or medium paced rhythm is a critical part of having vaginal orgasm. You all find that a steady rhythm is much more perfectible than stopping and starting or going from fats to slow or vice-versa.

Rough or gentle:- Hard and rough both depends on the personal preference because it depends on you that how hard or slow you like it. Do you like gently making love with your man with soft loving strokes or do you prefer more animalistic, intense, wild sex where he is penetrating you with everything he is got.